Tilted Globe Entertainment to offer an E-commerce Marketplace for Secured Online Viewing of Real Time Live Entertainment and Events.

Joe Tremols, a producer and owner of a theater company along with partner Natalie Sigillito announced that they have launched Tilted Globe Entertainment – an Internet Streaming Marketplace that provides Producers of live entertainment with the opportunity to live stream productions online; the ability to sell individual tickets for live stream viewing and the ability to place post-production content in an on demand library for rental by viewers.

While augmenting Producer revenues, Tilted Globe provides secure data streams and management tools which enable producers to comply with royalty and equity contracts. Tilted Globe live streamed shows are secure and each viewer must purchase a cyber-ticket in order to view the live stream

Joe Tremols, co-founder commented, “Tilted Globe was created in response to problems we personally experienced. I was a producer/owner of a theater company faced with the constraints of a small community of theater goers and the inability of out of town friends and family to view the performance. We discovered that we were unable to provide internet streaming due to the inadequate streaming services available and the inability to comply with royalty agreements. This led us to create the patent-pending technology used by Tilted Globe

Through Tilted Globe’s platform the producer is able to count, control and manage each online ticket sale, providing the ability to answer to royalty and equity contracts. The producer sets the exact number and price of seats/tickets offered online prior to sale to the viewing audience.

Tilted Globe requires all producers to provide documentation and evidence to verify their qualifications as a professional in the industry of live entertainment. Tilted Globe shall maintain the standard of quality performers and producers accessing the Tilted Globe Platform.

We recognized the need for, and the opportunities of, a platform for the profitable, and royalty compliant, streaming live theater and entertainment. We set about developing a platform which provides producers of live entertainment new revenue streams from previously unattainable audience sources. We look forward to sharing this groundbreaking technology with producers and live entertainment venues”, added co-founder Natalie Sigillito

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