Deveros – The All Natural Cedar Collar For Pets

Having a dog for a pet is like having an animal as a child or best friend. They’re cute, cuddly, chipper, and cheerful. Or they can also be mellow, matured, mean, and mangy. Either way, we still love them.

If you’re anything like my mother, then I’m sure you treat your pooch like your baby. You want the best for them, and you’ll go to great lengths to ensure your animal child is happy and healthy. Having this in mind, I want to introduce you to Derevos Flea Control Collars.

It was just earlier today that I found an ugly little leaper on my roomie’s Havanese named Winston. I could see the little critter crawling on Winston’s pink belly; I tried to kill it as soon as I could get my fingers on it, but the creature fled. It took me a while to capture and kill the dang thing, but I did it, and it wasn’t fun. I’m sure you can recount a plethora of times where this has happened to you. With Deveros, the flea struggle is over.

Innovative and functional, Deveros is a cedar wood pet collar for dogs (and CATS!). Its design is all-natural, and it kills fleas with no harmful side effects. Whether your pet likes to stroll outdoors or snooze indoors, Deveros pet collars are safe and actively work to prevent and protect.

How Deveros works?

With its natural resiliency, the soft cedar wood repels insects of all types. History has proven time and time again that people have used cedar because of its natural remedies against insects. The best part, cedar is resistant to decay and rot. It stays in good condition for extended periods of time and doesn’t pick up any odors because of cedar’s anti-microbial/anti-fungal properties.

Kickstar Campaign

At the moment, Deveros is campaigning on Kickstarter to bring the flea protection solution to homes everywhere. They know how pets are family and they are on a mission to save each pet from fleas, ticks, flies, and mosquitos bites. 

No pet should go unprotected. That is why when you join Deveros’ Kickstar Campaign, they promise early shipments, free shipping, and bottles of cedar spray, along with collars, bracelets, and/or anklets. Yes, you can also be protected by sporting the stylish bands.

To get your hands on Deveros soon, join the Deveros Kickstar campaign today

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