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Dr. Swapna Raveendranath Gives High-Achievers Something To Smile About


There are many dentists in the world, but very few who have awards of excellence added to their resume. The bright, bold, and beautiful Dr. Swapna Raveendranath is that dentist who does.

Recognized as “Best Dentist in Fremont, California” for 2016, Raveendranath is not just practicing exceptional dentistry. The award-winning dentist is practicing the act of giving back by offering a program for high achievers who can’t afford dental care.

In this work, Raveendranath hopes to help deserving students a chance to feel confident and beautiful. Self-esteem develops when people feel good about themselves; with Dr. Raveendranath help, students will grow their self-esteem and take on the world they’re striving.

Women and dentists like Swapna Raveendranath are examples to communities everywhere. Let her inspire you to help those in need around you!

To find out more aboutDr. Swapna Raveendranath, her services, and philanthropic work, please visit

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