Recommended Children’s Book 2016: ‘Kalima: The Secret of the Jungle’

Author Nestor R Eguez Releases Volume 1

Kalima, the Zebra

As the school season is well underway, your little one is soon to be sharing story time with classmates in and out of the classroom. Many schools invite children to bring new favorite books to show to the class, and we want to make sure you and your blossoming student brings a book that he or she and all classmates will love – Kalima: The Secret of the Jungle (Volume 1).

The story of Kalima will touch the hearts of many as she is a special young Zebra. Kalima, who is part of a Kenyan breed called The Guides, sadly, has been left an orphan. Raised by her grandmother, Kalima is soon to learn a secret and a responsibility and purpose among The Guides.

Author: Nestor R Eguez

As the first of a trilogy, this is the perfect book to help young children empathize with Kalima and learn to love, respect, and nurture animals and nature around them.

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