Echidna – A Film For The Actor

It’s no secret the entertainment business is a tough industry to break into. Thousands of individuals migrate to the main cities like Los Angeles and New York hoping for a break. Scarce financial resources, extended audition waits and hoping for a call back are a majority of the actor’s experiences.

The objective struggles are known mishaps of an artist’s life but what about the experience gets concealed? What about the emotions that go on in an actor’s mind, body, and soul when he is working on his next break? What happens to him when he lands the job, has to dive into character for months on end and live a life that isn’t his true reality?

Film producer, Sonny-Joe Flanagan has revealed the answers in a movie that takes us into the minds of actors everywhere. Echidna, debuting March 13, 2017, is a film that delivers an in-depth encounter of the actor’s subconscious mind that you won’t want to miss.

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