After being sentenced to 12 1/2 years for bank fraud, and serving close to 9 years in federal prison, many would have folded. Yet in the face of adversity inmate Jamila T. Davis decided to take action through reality television!

Behind bars, this 39 year old, courageous woman became the co-founder of the popular WomenOverIncarcerated movement. With over 20,000 loyal supporters on Instagram (@jamilatdavis), she has taken a bold stand to shed light on the epidemic of women and prison.
“Many have no clue who we are or that we even exist. Yet at alarming rates more and more women are being sent to prison. . . I am not saying we shouldn’t be punished for our crimes. But many of us have been sentenced to decade plus terms for nonviolent crimes, even as first time offenders. Some of my friends are serving Life. Can anyone really call that justice?” states Davis, who is the best selling author of “The High Price I Had To Pay.”

Davis’s latest plight to create awareness is the upcoming reality show “Left Behind,” which she created with her son, Kywuan Warren. The show, which is hosted by Warren, a 19 year old college student, follows the lives of children whose mothers are serving time in federal prison.
“I was eleven years old when my mother was first incarcerated. I had no clue how my sister and I would make it in her absence. Not only was she punished, we were punished too. But we made it! . . . Our show was created to show the world the pain of children of incarcerated mothers, and to let others in our position know they can make it too!” states Warren, who is also a successful rapper and clothing line owner.

To find out more information about the WomenOverIncarcerated movement, and to watch a clip of the show, please visit, or follow Jamila T. Davis on social media @jamilatdavis.

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