Sharpey Major: The Next Generation of Rap

Hailing from the street of London in the UK, Sharpey Major has slowly established himself as one to watch on the rap and Hip Hop scene, with the journey to success only just beginning one thing is certain that this young star could very well find himself forming a part of the next generation of British All Posts rappers.

Sharpey whose real name is Jason Pearce recently told a music publication “I am not in any rush, I’m just simply enjoying the musical journey and trying to find myself through some new music”

Making the headlines after splashing £40,000 on a brand new Mercedes C-Class last month, the hit maker who frequently collaborates with SN1 Pablo also has plans to take his music across the waters to America where Rap, Hip Hop and Trap have proved a big hit especially in Atlanta.

Only time will tell what the future holds for this young star, but one thing for sure we will be watching.

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