Speck iPhone Case Review: Protection, Style and Functionality Guaranteed


Review by: Adriana Michelle

Having zero protection for my smartphone the last several months hasn’t been fun. I’ve dropped, scratched and bent edges; the fact that I haven’t broke my screen into pieces is a miracle. To avoid any more accidents, I ordered a few protectant cases from Speck products. I’ve seen their logo on many of my friend’s phones, so I thought I’d give them a try.

Speck offered an array of cases with various styles and functions. Seeing the different options made it difficult to decide on just one. I pictured myself using them for different situations – like travel, events, FaceTime, and fun. The truth is… I’m a woman who likes options. So I ended up ordering four different cases that offer unique functions aside from everyday protection – CandyShell INKED, SmartFlex CARD, SmartFlex VIEW and CandyShell GLITTER. 

CandyShell Inked

CandyShell Inked


CandyShell INKED

The CandyShell INKED case was first to catch the eye. With high-res floral aesthetics (Bold Blossoms White/Revolution Purple) it looked cute, colorful and fun – really fun! I envisioned this case with me at brunch with the girls where they shout, “Oh my gosh, your phone case is so cute! Where did you get it?!” And after a week or so of having it, this vision came to fruition. Every time I do brunch someone always praises how adorable my CandyShell INKED case is.

As far as the protectant features go, the case is equipped with a coating that resists scratches (thank goodness because my phone already has too much of those!). The design is dual-layered for complete impact and shock protection, without comprising the slenderness of the case. The screen is covered through everyday accidents due to the raised bezels (the edges surrounding the phone screen).


Smartflex CARD

SmartFlex CARD

Hands down, the best product of the year for me. Used as a quick wallet alternative, SmartFlex CARD is a case everyone should have on hand. When I’m traveling out of town or going for a night out, I don’t like to carry much. Ideally, I like to carry my smartphone, I.D., cash and credit/debit cards. SmartFlex CARD is made for just that. Durable with a built in sleeve, I can fit up to 4 cards in the slot area. If I wrap cash around the cards the slot fits 3 cards comfortably – seriously, the ultimate ‘grab and go’ product.

Flex describes the ease and flexibility of taking the case on and off. No hassle. No fight. Just light weight, compact and safe for my smartphone and card essentials.

Smartflex VIEW


SmartFlex VIEW

As a video blogger and avid FaceTime user, I use my phone’s camera features on the regular. FaceTime is an incredible feature to see my family and friends (in other cities, across town, or even in the next room) face to face via smartphone. Frequenting the application, I’m all in for accessories that add value and ease to it. SmartFlex VIEW is suited for better FaceTime functionality. Simple and sleek, the case stuns with a retractable stand to transform my smartphone into a hands-free device. The stand pops in and out (when needed), allowing the phone to sit back and relax, while I enjoy the ability to do the same or keep busy with other tasks like cooking, cleaning or working.

SmartFlex is made with flexible polymer material to pull the case on and off with ease. Hard polycarbonate backing is added for extra protection.

CandyShell INKED

CandyShell GLITTER

Hosting celebrity interviews at red carpet events, dinner galas, beauty parties and grand openings means selfies are a must. Selfies with celebs are even more exciting now that my phone is wearing CandyShell GLITTER. My phone and I look so chic, glam, fab and we are not afraid to shine with this trendy case. Glimmering brightly when light hits, CandyShell GLITTER pretty much speaks for it’s self.

Don’t let the glam fool you. Although elegant, the case is protected by two built in layers of advanced defense. So, whether it accidentally falls out of my clutch or freshly manicured fingers, the glamour and the screen stay intact without harm.

Universal Pros

  • Most of the Speck products come with Military-grade drop protection. This means the cases are certified to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G drop test standards – a.k.a. major protection.
  • Rubberized covers shield the volume and power buttons for responsive protection and accessibility.
  • Speck offers Free Shipping and returns on all U.S. Orders, so savings are instantly given.
  • There’s a 1 Year Warranty Guaranteed on all products in case anything bad happens.
  • If there is an issue with the product when received or shortly after, a 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee is granted.

Universal Cons

  • For the SmartFlex cases, I have to press firmly (and sometimes repeatedly) on the rubberized shield power buttons for them to work properly. It’s not too bad, however I would love to see the cover built like the CandyShell rubberized power button shield, because it works amazingly.

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After using my Speck cases, I now understand why most of my friends and family choose Speck. The cases are fully reliant, durable, stylish and are equipped with incredible functionality. For these reasons, I highly recommend Speck products for those looking into better defense and designs for their smartphones.


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