Detroit’s Newest Rap Star – UnRuehle

Today, rap is barely recognizable. It has turned into a long list of tracks with lyrics you can’t even understand. Rap music used to tell a story. A meaningful story that moved the masses. It was a form of expression that touched the lives all around the world, and now, it’s become just a fad.

Luckily, rap is not dead for one up and coming star. Hailing from Detriot, UnRuehle is changing the game in order to change the world. His goal is to use his music to unite individuals in such a divisional time. He also wants to influence others by showing that rap doesn’t need to be overly arrogant or hypermasculine.

His newest mixtape, releasing soon, is called Swallowed in Shadows. The tracks hit home for people dealing with humanity’s dark side like suicide, isolation, and bullying.

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