Blogger Gillyroze Turns Rapper And Music Writer

Blogger and music artist Gillyroze has been recognized as an “up and coming” artist in the music industry.

The musician’s career started off in blogging, writing for over ten years. Telling stories about his travels to faraway places like New Zealand and Antartica, the writer could have never known the shift that would take place in his world.

At first, it all started as a joke rhyming about a friend named Ronnie Almani. Friends enjoyed the rap and Gillyroze began receiving compliments from strangers. The feedback led him to record his first album “Yellowcake Symphony.”

Known by his stage name Nonshalant, his latest song “Woke Into This Dream” has earned numerous reviews including –

Tom d – “This song is very nice and unique, the instrumentation is awesome, I love the tone of the artist voice, the lyrics are great.”

Today, Gillyroze is set to release a new book titled “The Never Ending Sorry.”

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