Why You Should Consider Shopping Independent

The convenience of high street shops has pushed independent fashion to the back of our priorities. But have you ever noticed that everywhere you go, you can find so many people wearing similar styles, by the same brands. High street fashion has resulted in everybody looking the same. Fortunately, [Read More...]

August 31, 2017

How to Style Men’s Black Jacket

Men’s black jacket is a timeless item and an important piece of fashion. It can be a great outfit regardless the weather and the occasion. As it never becomes out of fashion, there are many ways you can style black jacket and wear it to a different occasion. It is a multifunctional item that you [Read More...]

August 19, 2017

Men’s Fashion – 5 Brands To Consider In 2017

BOY London Established in 1977 by Stephane Raynor, punk inspired, BOY london depicts itself as ‘the uniform of choice for every youth movement that has mattered’. In Punk Subculture BOY offered a firm rival for designer Vivienne Westwood and her signature punk styling. Boy has always been and [Read More...]

April 18, 2017

MansMan Supply Co – The Place To Shop For Men

Don’t blink too quick, because before you know it, the holidays will arrive! You’ll have to grab your man the perfect gifts because he takes his fashion and style seriously. And as tasteful shoppers, we want to send you to the perfect place where you can pick up trending items for your [Read More...]

October 8, 2016

Tight Wipes – The Newest Sneaker Cleaning Wipes Available!

When I was younger I would wear sneakers all the time. My favorite sneakers were Jordans, Reebok’s and Adidas. When I would get them dirty I would grab a towel and run it under cold water and add soap. Water and soap did the trick but not as well as I would have liked it to. Now as an adult I [Read More...]

January 26, 2016

Tru Leather. Brings Florence Quality Leather To Australia

Dreams only work if you do. Understanding the truth behind this notion, four motivated Australian travelers dreamed to work and bring Florence to Australia. The passion for this started with falling in love with Florence’s leather goods. Next, the friends put in the work and created their [Read More...]

January 21, 2016

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