4 Quick DIY Home Improvement Ideas for You This Summer

by Veronica Pembleton  During summer we all get a bit more free time to relax and tackle some of those tasks we’ve been putting off all year long. Therefore, during the summer you will see home improvements become one of people’s major priorities as they finally get around to sprucing their [Read More...]

August 31, 2016

Faux Freckles For Every Skin Tone Tutorial

While some social media trends can be ridiculous, this one is actually uplifting! People are sketching faux freckles on their face, a “trend” we’re sure many freckled friends of ours are reveling in. Because, hey, they’re born with it! We use the term “trend” [Read More...]

July 7, 2016

8 Reasons Argan Oil is an Amazing Beauty Ingredient

Argan oil became one of the biggest buzzwords in beauty a few years ago, but it’s been a staple in Morocco for centuries due to the variety of benefits that come from it: it’s a great eye and lip treatment, helps tame split ends, acts like a gorgeous highlighter for luminous skin, and [Read More...]

June 28, 2016

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