Dancing Blue Power Ranger Finally Tells His Story

Future’s “Married to the Game” is the latest slow burner jam in his ever-expanding catalog, but while the song is buzzing because it’s good, there’s also another factor at play for its popularity: the dancing Blue Power Ranger who is going viral in Atlanta. If you haven’t seen him online, you’re missing out. His videos, which started really popping a few months back, have become a staple of social media, especially Twitter and Vine.

The concept is rather simple: a Blue Power Ranger dancing to trap hits while wearing cowboy boots. The result is hilarious and the videos have quickly gone viral with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ocho Cinco, and David Yost—the man who actually played Billy the Blue Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers—sharing the clips on their pages. To many, the man behind the Blue Power Ranger suit is a mystery, but lo and behold, he’s actually an actor by the name of Jet Wavy who scored the role because the suit was too small for his friend. Sometimes it just works out like that. We were able to track down Jet Wavy and talk to him about the role, blowing up online, and what’s next.

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