dysFUNction – A Game of Encouraging Friends & Family


The dysFUNction game is the brainchild of two very dysFUNctional friends who have spent many hours, over many cocktails, laughing and commiserating about our families.

Over the years they kept coming to the same (sort of obvious) conclusions: Every family is dysfunctional. Family dysfunction is funny. Sharing dysfunctional family stories and competing over whose family stories are craziest is not only naturally entertaining, it’s therapeutic.

These observations inspired a fun and unique storytelling game that brings people together and gets us sharing stories, One-Upping each other, and finding the fun in our dysFUNction (and in everyone else’s).

We firmly believe that the best way to deal with our family dysfunction is by claiming our Baggage, embracing it, and laughing about it (sometimes drinking also helps). dysFUNction is a way of encouraging our friends, family*, and the world at large to join us and do the same. Check them out on Instagram

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