Enzo Zelocchi – Hollywood’s Newest Rising Star


Behold the dawn of a new rising Hollywood Star. In less then 5 years actor Enzo Zelocchi has won over 36 Awards, including 14 Film Festival Awards, an Academy Award Nomination semifinalist with the project “My Little Princess,” 7 times Best Actor and 4 times Best Outstanding Performance.


Enzo Zelocchi’s leading roles in independent films have been acclaimed both domestically and internationally (Europe and Asia), and along with his large social media fan base Enzo has established his high bankability potential in larger Hollywood movies and franchises.


In his most recently completed starring role in the movie “Angels Apocalypse,” Enzo Zelocchi showed his action and superhero potential while fighting Lucifer, demons and a dinosaur with his superpowers.


Enzo is also set to Star on these upcoming films: “The American Crime Lord” (cast as the mafia boss Frank Costello), “The Invincible” (based on the greatest Roman General Scipio Africanus, who never lost a battle in military history), “War of Honor Retribution” and “The Cost of Justice.”


Enzo Zelocchi also appears on “He’s Just Not That Into You” (starring Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson).


His producer credits in the last few years include important collaborations with producers TJ Mancini and A-list actor Vin Diesel on the documentaries “A War Hero” and “Life Is a Dream” (starring Valentino F. Morales).

Currently, Enzo Zelocchi is set to play the lead on the film (in development) “Starlight Man: The First Secret,” a movie based on the real person who inspired Ian Fleming to invent the secret 007 agent “James Bond.”

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