Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray Review – Increase Longevity Of Makeup!

Review by Adriana Michelle

A few months ago popular social media makeup brand, Gerard Cosmetics, debuted a new product in their line of cosmetics. It wasn’t a new lip shade, nor a new shimmer powder. The American made brand introduced a makeup mist that tells wonders just in it’s name alone – Slay All Day Setting Spray

Just like the rest of the product line, dedicated GC fans have gotten a hold of this spray and voiced their yay’s and nay’s of the product. Reviewers have compared to MAC’s notable Prep + Prime Fix+, saying that GC’s version comes too close to call, so it’s great to have both.

Slay All Day was created to ensure that makeup longevity increases throughout day/night and oil is controlled to avoid greasy looks. It can be used to prep the face and set it before and after application. Customers can choose between five different scents including Jasmine, Lemongrass, Lavender, Green Tea and Peach. 

I chose the peach scent and it strongly resembles the scent of a sweet nectarine. I don’t wear fragrance often, but the peachy-ness gives off a delicious scent that I delight in. After spritzing two or three pumps my foundation is locked in for the day for a fab look. The only time my make up smears off is when I take a napkin to my face and forcefully wipe it off while eating. I’m horrible with that.

Oh, and side note, I do get ‘run-y’ eyeliner down my waterline after a few hours because I’ve been lazy with shadow liner application. It has nothing to do with the spray because I avoid misting my eyes.

The retail price for the product is $22 a bottle but customers can receive a 25% off discount with code ‘AMBmags’, which makes the total price $16.50.

$6.50 less than MAC’s Fix+.

To see Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray, visit

photo credit: Gerard Cosmetics Instagram

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