Holiday Packing Advice

Holiday Packing Advice
Packing for holidays can be a stressful situation. However, these tips will ensure you get the most from your baggage allowance and can bring all you need.

Holiday Packing Tips

A good rule to make sure everything fits when you’ve picked the items you’ll take and laid them out on your bed is to cut it all in half. It’s a drastic measure, but it’ll make you remember all the times you’ve taken stuff on a holiday and never used it. You feel different when you’re on holiday – feeling special and being comfortable is what really matters, so concentrate on the items that’ll help you achieve that.

Think Where And What

Consider all you may end up doing in your vacation. Will you play tennis? Go hiking? Swim a bit? Explore the city? Go to a posh dinner? Account for all relevant scenarios, and prepare your favorite items on your beds, in a pile of shoes, tops, bottoms, jackets/coverups, dresses, swimwear and shoes. If something does not have a specific use, you don’t need to take it with you.

Color Coordinate Your Clothes

Make sure to take a look at your clothes and choose versatile pieces which will work with many other items. If you think of a color palette, this will be even simpler. This way, you’ll ensure everything works with everything, so you don’t take items which don’t go with anything else and end up not wearing them.

Remember Sunglasses
If you’re going somewhere with a bit of sun, you will want the comfort of a pair of sunglasses. There are numerous great pairs of Ray Ban or Oakley glasses out there that can help with this.

Bury Your Shoes

Place your shoes at the bottom of the suitcase and bury them in your underwear. Remember to pack int your bag’s corners – you can end up wasting a lot of space if you don’t fill your bag correctly.

Whenever Possible, Roll

You should roll all items that can be rolled – this prevents creasing. If you take something that’s even remotely tailored, it’s best to turn it inside out and tuck the sleeves in, so it will arrive in good shape.

Take Some Jerseys

It’s a good idea to pack a couple of comfortable jerseys for your vacation. Not only they are versatile and pack beautifully, they’re great for cool summer evenings.

Slip In A Few Scarves

A scarf will add very little to your load, but are a great multi-tasking item for a holiday. They can double over as a mini skirt on a beach, as a bikini cover up when you’re going to the bar, as a turban on your hair to protect it from the sun, and, of course, around your neck to make a plain top more interesting or protect your shoulders from the sun as you have lunch.

Dress For Success

A dress is very hard-working, and screams holiday glamour. It’s also an excellent choice to slim down your suit case. In the day, you can wear them with flats, sunglasses and flip flops, then wear the same piece at night with lipstick and heels – versatile, huh?

Swimwear Is Great

Take as many bikinis as you want – they take very little room, so it won’t be a problem. If you wish to snorkel, swim or dive, it’s best to take a costume, too. Here are some good tips.

Get A See-Through Washbag

A wash bag with a see-through compartment is excellent for organizing essentials such as sun lotion and dry shampoo. They tend to be very light, and make it very easy to look for items and verify whether you’ve forgotten anything. Make sure your beauty items contain less than 50ml if you’re going to take them on a flight.

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