Teeth Whitening Goes High-Tech

Teeth Whitening meets technology. Say hello to Starlite Smile’s 16-LED Teeth Whitening Light with adapters for iPhone, android, and USB. Easy and fun to use, the Starlite is the brightest light available for home whitening and never needs batteries. The 480nm wavelength — the same one used by spas and most dentist’s offices — works with any commercial teeth whitening gel or whitening strips. But the best part? The price. Under $25 (at least for now) on

Starlite Smile was started by Laser Specialist, Mikayla Wilson in Galveston, Texas. Mikayla’s provided 1000’s of treatments in-office but always wanted a great product for her clients to use at home. Now with the Starlite, in 10-15 minutes a day, most users see a drastically brighter smile. Starlite’s 16-LED technology is safe for home teeth whitening and causes no known negative side effects or tooth sensitivity.

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