You MUST Read This Book! Rude Boy USA by Victoria Bolton

We love coming across great new reads and sharing them with our readers.

We also know how addicting books can be. Some are just so good that once we pick it up, we won’t want to put them down. Well, Rude Boy USA by Victoria Bolton was just that.

Categorized as Historical Crime Fiction/Organized Crime genre, Rude Boy USA depicts the life of a new crime era. We’re talking no more godfathers; It’s now The Chimera Group’s turn taking over the life of organized crime. 

Styling themselves after the popular Rude Boy culture in Jamaica, Bernie Banks, John, Ben, and Jerome aren’t your average mobsters. They operate as an investment shell company supported by illegal activities in hopes to become one of the most powerful mob families known to crime. 

To see in and outs of this operation making their way to the top, visit and see how deadly the journey can get.

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