KMK Designs Catch Celebrity Attention – From Drake to Chief Keef

Chief Keef

Chief Keef


Would you spend $1,000 on a custom bomber jacket? Well, that’s the going rate for a piece by KMK (Kuol Mawien Kuol Jr), an Australian-born, Melbourne Based Streetwear Designer – who’s caught the eye of everyone from Chief Keef to Drake.




Like so many creatives before him, Kuol’s path wasn’t always a straight-shot to creative streetwear success. He quit school in 2013—where he went back home to his worn torn motherland South Sudan —to pursue his personality and find himself, a decision that paid off big-time. Last year, He crafted custom pieces for Chief Keef’s GloGang label, and soon after was contacted by Lil Bibby’s BossGang Camp about a pair of custom bomber jackets he’d been sketching. He’s completed three series of work, Will be holding two solo exhibitions In Los Angeles and Miami with a possible third, thanks to the support of Drakes OVO camp, who have recently gained interest about creative designs for the OVO TEAM, Kuol has now planned to relocate to Los Angeles, We headed to Melbourne, where we caught up with him. Keep reading to get to know this Aspiring TEEN From Melbourne Australia.

AMB: “What made you quit school?”

KMK: I was on the borderline of getting kicked out so decided to beat them to it and dropped out instead, I ended returning and completing school the same year and Graduating as all my peers after returning back from South Sudan.”

AMB: “Your recent collection of 1King caps and summer wear received a ton of buzz. With 70% of items being sold out, within 1 week of sales? Tell us about that series.”

KMK: To be honest, most of those designs were rough sketches and I did not have the expecting that they would be sold out, I was bored in class in about year 11 when I designed most of those and recently found my art book and decided to manufacture and release them all. Obviously, circumstances are different for everyone but if you have the opportunity to do something you have always wanted to do then try it out even if its only for a month or a year.


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