‘Santa Is My Friend’ – New Children’s Christmas Book

‘Santa Is My Friend’ – New Children’s Christmas Book


‘Santa Is My Friend’ – New Children’s Christmas Book by Adriana Michelle:

Do your children love or loathe Santa Clause?

For Marisa Medlin and her Husband Shawn, their two-year old son Cannon loathes Mr. Clause.

But how is this possible? Old Saint Nick is known to be a jolly ol’ fellow who loves children and brings gifts every Christmas Eve. He loves cookies, milk and Rudolph’s red nose. Although many of us know this to be true, there are many children who fear the sight of Santa simply because they don’t know him.

To combat the tears, fears and tantrums on Santa’s lap, Marisa teamed up with her mother Kelly Melancon to create ‘Santa Is My Friend.’ The spellbinding book teaches children that Santa is their friend and best buddy. Captivating pictures allow children to familiarize themselves with Kris Kringle and get excited to meet him.

Also, included is a a 5×7 keepsake  picture frame to provide children with a sense of accomplishment by displaying a photo with Santa after they have conquered their fear.

A gift to children and their parents around the world, ‘Santa Is My Friend’ can be found today at

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